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What the Juice????

So, after juicing for a few days, I have to say… I am not sure about the brand of juice I picked. Which, you probably already know if you read my last blog, is my own fault for picking the cheapest 3 day juicing thingie I could find. And just to clarify, this was the Suja brand juice. It was only their 3 day renewal that they sell at Costco and  they have a lot more juices on the market besides the three I tried. But here is a quick run down…

The morning juice I really enjoyed. It was a lemon cayenne juice. I really liked that little bit of a spicy kick. So I give this a 10 out of 10 on flavor. But there are two big drawbacks I found… First, it’s very high in sugar. They add maple syrup to it and if you are trying to keep your sugars low, that is not a good thing. The second drawback for me was that this was very thin liquid. So within a very short amount of time, I was hungry again. Now keep in mind, these juices are meant to be supplemented with small meals, so it is not a full meal replacement like many other juices.

The lunch time juice that came with this pack I did not like at all. I am not sure what everything was that they added to it, but made me a little nauseous. So those I just ended up giving to my husband. He liked them so they did not go to waste.

The last one, which you drink with your dinner was tasty. Not as yummy as the breakfast one, but still tasty. This one was actually the thickest of the three and the most filling. When I ate a small bowl of my homemade veggie soup (I will post the recipe) after drinking this, I was quite happy for the rest of the night.

So after three days of juicing, I was down anther pound. That made me a happy camper! Well, at least it did till I got on the scale this morning. I knew by how stiff my fingers felt that I was retaining some serious liquids. I’m sure going back to a somewhat normal diet after juicing probably threw my body outta wack. Plus I had some soy sauce with my rice the night before. All that added up to a pound and a half up on the scale. But I’m not going to let that get me down. I will wait a couple days, drink some detox tea and then jump back on the scale. Hopefully by then my new scale will have arrived.

Yup, you heard me right! I finally broke down and bought a new fangled scale… the kind that sends the results right to my phone. It’s also supposed to tell me what my BMI is as well as excess water weight and so on. Not too sure how it does all that, but I will give you a full detailed report on it.

But back to the juicing… I think I want to try this again, but next time I want to do a full juicing. One where all you do is drink only juice. I will have to check out some others that are out there. I already know I really like the Naked and the Bolthouse Farms brands. So maybe I will just stick to those for my next one… we will have to wait and see.

I do have one confession to make. I actually own a juicer. But very much like my chocolate fountain and rowing machine that I just had to have… I have used it maybe three times and it’s been sitting in my cupboard ever since. But in my defense, I did not realize just how incredibly messy those things are! It was easy to use, but a pain in the ass to clean afterwards. I like easy, not messy. So if anyone wants a perfectly good juicer, let me know!! I could use the cupboard space!

Alright… so let’s see… between what I’ve lost and my water retention and all that fun crap, I’m 6 pounds down. Not impressive at all… not when I’m a month into this diet. At this rate, it will take me over a year to lost this weight and that is just not acceptable!!

So, it’s time for me to look into trying something new.

My husband teases me all the time about switching my diet. New week new diet, he is always saying to me. But like I tell him, as long as I’m still losing, then shut your mouth. Besides, not every diet it right for every person. I already know that I cannot do a low carb diet. I’ve tried and I just can’t drop the pounds like other people do on it. I don’t know why…. I following the guidelines of what I can and can’t eat.

But I’m not giving up or even getting discouraged at this point. There are still so many options out there. I am, however, sticking to a pescatarian diet. I’m just not big on meat. Never really have been. But I love fish and seafood. So I’m going to spend tonight looking up diets and if anyone out there has any suggestions on things that have worked for you, please share!!!

Peace, love and happiness everyone! I will catch you tomorrow.

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