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Trying to juice….

So, has anyone out there tried one of these 3 day juice cleansing thingies?

I have been looking into it, but most of the ones I saw were between $75 and $160. There is no way I’m spending that much money for something I don’t even know if I will like enough to stick to. Well, last night a friend from work took me to Costco. I have heard such great things about the place, but I’ve never been since there is not one around where I live. We have Sam’s Club…. Costco’s poor cousin. 

As it turns out, not only did I like Costco, they had a three day juice ‘renewal’ for only $18! I was all over that shit! I can afford to not like it for $18. Now, it’s only 3 juices a day that you add small meals to, whereas the more expensive juice cleanses are 6 juices a day. But even if I doubled it, I would still only be spending $36. So I grabbed and decided to try it today. Why wait, right? Actually, I couldn’t wait cuz the expiration date is in three days! It’s called Suja. I really like the breakfast and dinner juices. The lunch one I didn’t care for, but my husband will drink that one. So I’m going to go try some more of them and I will report tomorrow on whether it effects my weight loss.

I do have to throw out one warning though… I’m pretty gassy. So, unless you have your own office, which I thankfully do, I would wait till the weekend to start this. Unless you are like my husband and think farting is an art form. Seriously, he categorizes them. This is why you will never find a Fiber One bar anywhere near our house.

Well, as much as I would love to go on and on tonight about my husbands farts and Juicing, I’m cutting this blog short tonight. It’s been a crazy long week and I’m ready to chill out on the couch. 

I do plan to write a lot this weekend… and I mean a lot! So try not to fall over in antici…… pation. Was trying to go a little Rocky Horror there… did you catch that? Yes? No?

Well just go with yes..

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