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Me Likey!!!

So I’m doing a little happy dance this morning.

In the past two days I’ve dropped another pound and a half. That puts me back at 9 pounds down. Now, I just have to stay this course! Which should not be too difficult. I have really been enjoying the Naked brand juices I’ve been drinking. My daily diet has looked something like this…

Breakfast I have a juice, something fruity like their Strawberry Banana or Mighty Mango. About an hour later I will have a snack, I usually have a small handful of raw almonds or cup of low cal popcorn, like the Boom Chicka Pop.

Lunch is another juice, but one with veggies like the Green Machine one. Then I will have a salad or bowl of soup (here is a recipe for my homemade Vegetable Curry Soup). And just so you know, these are the small, 10 oz. juices I’m drinking. Not the bigger ones.

About 2 to 3 hours after that I will have another snack. Like an apple or another cup of popcorn. Then I have a small dinner. Usually just a nice mix of veggies and rice with a little cheese on top for flavor.!!!!

Then in the evening, if I get hungry I will have a spoon full of all natural peanut butter or some low cal sorbet. I found a really delicious pomegranate one!

That’s about it. Nothing crazy or over the top. And like I said, the juices are so yummy. My biggest issue I find is getting hungry at night… I’m terrible about that! So I really need to figure out how to curb my night hunger.

I don’t know if anyone out there has any tricks for this, but if so, please leave me a note in the comment section below.

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